Tour de France TV Schedule 2021: TV Coverage from different Countries

Tour de France 2021 is around the corner. If you are just like many other avid cycling fans, you will surely want to keep up with the spectacular moments from Stage one to the final stage.

The pandemic does not stop Tour de France 2021 from happening, only postponing it. And for those who have been up for this and want to watch Tour de France 2021 right at their favorite screen, you can stick to this post until the end to figure out how to watch the Tour de France spectacle.

2021 Tour de France TV Coverage

Tour de France 2021 starts on June 26, 2021. From day 1 to the final day of the event, NBC will conduct the broadcasting. The officials have confirmed that NBC is the main broadcaster in the US. Meanwhile, folks in the European countries could tune into Eurosport to watch the Tour de France 2021. Since Tour de France is an international event, it is very possible that you can also watch it in your area by using your local coverage option.

NBC is surely available in your TV option. If you are going to watch it online, you could use your user’s credentials to login the NBC through your favorite browser, or use the NBC app to watch it through your favorite device.

If you are not using a TV subscription, there are two ways to watch the event.

The first one is the Peacock which you can get from the official page of NBC. The Peacock TV allows you to watch the 2021 Tour de France full event along with the additional bonus content.

For the cord-cutters, you could use the live streaming services which are available in your country. The key here is to pick the live streaming service which includes the official channel of the Tour de France broadcaster.

For instance, if you are looking into NBC, you could get a live streaming service like FuboTV (Try for Free). Keep in mind that the live streaming services availability might be different in your country.

Tour De France 2021 TV Schedule

Here is the full Tour De France 2021 TV Schedule for the USA viewers or NBC subscribers.

DateTime (ET)StageTV Channel
Sat., June 266 a.m.Stage 1: Brest-LanderneauNBCSN
Sun., June 277 a.m.Stage 2: Perros-Guirec-Mur-de-BretagneNBCSN
Mon., June 287 a.m.Stage 3: Lorient-PontivyNBCSN
Tue., June 297 a.m.Stage 4: Redon-FougeresNBCSN
Wed., June 306 a.m.Stage 5: Change-LavalNBCSN
Thu., July 17 a.m.Stage 6: Tours-ChateaurouxNBCSN
Fri., July 27 a.m.Stage 7: Vierzon-Le CreusotNBCSN
Sat., July 37 a.m.Stage 8: Oyonnax-Le Grand-BornandNBCSN
Sun., July 47 a.m.Stage 9: Cluses-TignesNBCSN
Tue., July 67 a.m.Stage 10: Albertville-ValenceNBCSN
Wed., July 76 a.m.Stage 11: Sorgues-MalauceneNBCSN
Thu., July 87 a.m.Stage 12: Saint-Paul-Trois-Chateux-NimesNBCSN
Fri., July 96 a.m.Stage 13: Nimes-CaracassoneNBCSN
Sat., July 108 a.m.Stage 14: Carcassone-QuillanNBC
Sun., July 116 a.m.Stage 15: Ceret-Andorra la VellaNBCSN
Tue., July 137 a.m.Stage 16: El Pas de la Casa-Saint-GaudensNBCSN
Wed., July 146 a.m.Stage 17: Muret-Saint-Lary-SoulanNBCSN
Thu., July 157 a.m.Stage 18: Pau-Luiz ArdidenNBCSN
Fri., July 167 a.m.Stage 19: Mourenx-LibourneNBCSN
Sat., July 177 a.m.Stage 20: Libourne-Saint-EmilionNBCSN
Sun., July 1810 a.m.Stage 21: Chatou-ParisNBC

If you outside of USA or NBC/NBCSN coverage are. Please check the below Tour de France TV coverage guide from below and visit the official website page to get your location Tour de France tv broadcasting schedule.

Tour de France TV Schedule 2021

2021 Tour de France TV Coverage from different Countries

As mentioned, there are various channels that have confirmed their participation in broadcasting Tour de France 2021. The option that you take will depend on the country you are living or traveling in. For instance, if you are in the US, you will be sticking to NBC Sports to watch the event. People in the European countries can mostly tune in to Eurosport. But some countries in Europe also have their own broadcasting channels.


In France, the viewers can use FranceTVSport to view the Tour de France 2021. The officials in France have confirmed that FranceTVSport will conduct the full spectacle. So, whether you are a resident in France or a traveler, consider tuning into the respective channel to see the moments. If you’re using a laptop or PC, simply go to the official site and watch it through your favorite browser.

United States

NBC will broadcast all of the stage events for the 2021 Tour de France. From 26 June, NBC will consecutively broadcast from stage to stage. There will be commercial ads for the average TV user.

In the USA, you can Stream the world’s most exciting cycling events from Peacock because NBC move their online streaming service from NBC Sports Gold Cycling Pass to Peacock.

If you have cut the cords, you can also use the live streaming services which include NBC in their plans. FuboTV, for instance, includes NBC in its package.


Eurosport is available in Germany as the European country. The provider has confirmed that Eurosport will broadcast the entire event. Expect some commercial-ads in this big event.

But don’t worry. Just like other spectacular sporting events, the commercials will be shorter. Besides the TV, you can also use Eurosport Player on your smartphone or tablet. You can also use this app on the Smart TV or other TV-connected devices.

United Kingdom

For folks in the UK, you could tune in to ITV4 to watch the Tour de France 2021. Experience the seamless broadcasting quality through your TV package. If you are a Sky subscriber, you could use your credentials to log in to the official site of ITV4.

From there, you can watch Tour de France 2021 through your favorite device. ITV4 also comes with an app for iOS and Android devices. Download the app and watch it through your favorite device.


Eurosport is a great channel for Italian viewers. Thanks to the local provider liaison with Eurosport, you will be able to enjoy the seamless TV and live streaming experience through Eurosport. Tune into Eurosport on your TV device to watch the spectacle completely. Or use its app to watch online.


Belgium has two regions which come with different channels to broadcast Tour de France 2021.

Belgium Walloon (RTBF – digital)

RTBF is a live streaming service in the area of Belgium Walloon. If you are in the Walloon region, consider taking it as your option to view the spectacle.

Belgium Flemish (VRT één)

The Flemish region of Belgium has different options. VRT een is the option for you.


In Australia, the SBS or Special Broadcasting Service will handle the coverage of Tour de France 2021. SBS is available on TV, as well as online. The program’s name is SBS Online. As the name suggests, this service allows you to enjoy some programs, including Tour de France through your browser, or mobile device. There is also SBS on-demand but we haven’t received confirmation that Tour de France 2021 will also be available on-demand. If you are not sure, reach out to your provider for further information.


Viewers in Canada can tune into FloBikes to stream the Tour de France 2021. You can watch your favorite live events and the coverage anytime, anywhere in the country. Download and install its FloSports app to get the coverage of the upcoming event. You can also use the FloSports app to access the event replays.


In the Netherlands, the option for you is NOS – Nederlandse Omroep Stichting. It is a no.1 public broadcasting company in the Netherlands. Since it is a public broadcasting system, you can find this option almost anywhere in the country.


TV2 Sport might be available in your current TV cable subscription. You can also stream the event through its official site.


Eurosport is the channel that you’d like to turn on when watching Tour de France 2021 in the country. You could also download the Eurosport app and install it in your device so that you can watch Tour de France 2021 anywhere, anytime you want.

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