Tour de France Organizers Demeanor towards Event for Women

The campaigner of Tour de France for women, Kathryn Bertine, expressed her disappointment due to the Tour de France organizers efforts. She thought that Tour de France organizers had failed her. But her disappointment was cured with the fact that the organizers have gotten her messages.

Kathryn Bertine, expressed her disappointment due to the Tour de France organizers efforts

As we know, Amaury Sport Organisation set up La Course by Le Tour although didn’t manage to stage the race for any reason.

The campaign which suggests the women’s Tour de France has been up and running from time to time. It is thanks to the pressure group which has been campaigning for the Women’s Tour de France, Le Tour Entier. Not only Kathryn herself, but other people might describe herself as a nuisance for formal sport organizations. But when asked with this, she just said that she was proud of it.

Kathryn is not working by herself. Back then in 2014, she lobbied Amaury Sport Organisation with the pressure group’s co-founders Emma Pooley, Chrissie Wellington, as well as Marianne Vos. They approached Amaury Sport Organisation to manage La Course by Le Tour. It is slated as the female version of Tour de France. It involves a one-day women’s race which will be running alongside the men’s version of the Tour de France. It has been six years since the initiation. Obviously, the pressure group has run out of patience.

Bertine boldly stated that ASO had failed them. Well, it is because Both Le Tour Entier and Amaury Sport Organisation had good understanding at first. But it seems that ASO is not keeping up the deal. They did not develop the La Course for the women’s Tour de France. Kathryn also added that ASO failed to do what they promised. But she added that all the members of Le Tour Entier were happy that ALSO had gotten their messages.

There is a good reason behind Kathryn’s satisfaction.

Bertine directly referred to the comments made by Tour’s race director, Christian Prudhomme about the plan which focuses on the woman’s race staging possibility which would take place in the summer. But they would proceed after the men’s race had finished.

Prudhomme’s comments indirectly made a great impact on the future of the women’s Tour de France. It is also a good sign that the women’s version of the Tour de France will come into reality. If you are an avid fan who has been waiting for this to happen, I am sure this news will get you hyped.

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